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This is the 17th meeting of the International Society of Travel Medicine. It was the first virtual conference of the ISTM so for the first time, all sessions were recorded and are available to you. The theme of the conference is the “The Changing Face of Travel Medicine: Anticipating its Global Impact.” 

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  • Contains 5 Component(s)

    CISTM17 - Adapting Travel Clinic Practice in the Time of COVID

    The pandemic of COVID-19 has disrupted travel medicine practice and accelerated the adoption of digital technologies. This workshop will discuss the challenges in opening or adapting an existing travel clinic during the pandemic.

    • Adapt existing travel medicine practice to cater to the needs of the travelling public during the COVID-19 pandemic.
    • Describe the steps to be followed when setting up a travel clinic during the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Contains 5 Component(s)

    CISTM17 - Adventurous Spirits: Perspectives on the Young Adult Traveller

    Young adult travellers are often first-time or inexperienced travellers who may be unaware of potential health and safety risks they may encounter. This session will focus on common behaviors and activities among this special group of travellers, and how a lack of understanding and poor perception of risk can have potentially devastating outcomes for both the traveller and the community.

    • Describe the travel patterns of young adult travellers and approach to preparing young adult travellers for international travel.
    • Understand various scenarios involving the arrest, detention, and repatriation of young adult travellers.
    • Reflect on examples of irresponsible travel and promoting responsible travel in the young adult population.

  • Contains 1 Component(s)

    CISTM17 - Alan Magill Memorial Lecture: Pathogenesis of Cerebral Malaria: Lessons Learned at the Bedside

    While the precise mechanisms of cerebral malaria (CM) pathogenesis remain unclear, groundbreaking studies performed in Malawi have given us insight into the pathogenesis of CM in children. A distinctive retinopathy in children with coma is a sensitive and specific indicator of sequestration of infected RBCs in the brain. Significant advances in our understanding of CM have been achieved through magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) studies, which indicate that brain swelling is the cause of death in CM. During this session, Dr. Taylor will walk us through her teams groundbreaking research which has helped our understanding of CM.

    • Discuss the clinical presentation of pediatric cerebral malaria (CM).
    • Review retinopathy associated with CM.
    • Review neuroimaging findings and cause of death in pediatric CM.
    • Discuss future interventions to help improve mortality in CM.

  • Contains 1 Component(s)

    CISTM17 - Baby On Board

    “Pregnant women should avoid travel” – but if they still decide to go? This session discusses the fundamentals of pre-travel advice for pregnant travellers.

    • Propose a “checklist” for the pre-travel advice of the pregnant traveller.
    • Discuss vaccine issues, challenges of long-haul flights and travel health insurance in the context of the pregnant traveller.
    • Outline important features of pre-travel advice for pregnant travellers.

  • Contains 5 Component(s)

    CISTM17 - Boundless Limits of Age and Travel

    The older person faces a range of health issues, including medical comorbidities, increased risk of falls, cognitive and sensory impairment, which can have adverse consequences for international travel, ranging from disruption of travel itineraries to serious illness and hospitalisation. This symposium will provide participants with a comprehensive knowledge base to enable them to perform a risk assessment on older travellers in clinical practice and to provide well-informed pre-travel health advice.

    Charlie Ericsson
    Health Priorities for Aging and the Older Traveller

    • Describe demographic trends in older person travel.
    • Identify key travel health risks and protective factors in older travellers.
    • Provide pre-travel health advice suitable for older travellers.

    Jeff Goad
    Complexity of Drug-Drug Interactions in the Older Traveller

    • Address polypharmacy in older adults.
    • Consider how prescription drugs may interact with malaria chemoprophylaxis.
    • Give advice to older travellers about potential for counterfeit drugs in some destinations.

    Federico Gobbi
    Immunity, Infection and Vaccination in the Older Traveller
    • Outline physiology of immunosenescence in older individuals.
    • Discuss vaccination schedules for older travelers.
    • Focus specifically on risk-benefit of yellow fever vaccination in the older traveller.

  • Contains 1 Component(s)

    CISTM17 - Case of the Day (Wednesday)

    Camilla Rothe shares her cases.

  • Contains 1 Component(s)

    CISTM17 - Case of the Day (Thursday)

    Priscilla Rupali shares her cases.

  • Contains 1 Component(s)

    CISTM17 - Case of the Day (Friday)

    Christina Coyle shares her cases.

  • Contains 1 Component(s)

    CISTM17 - CDC Travellers' Health Update Symposium

    Dr. Cindy Friedman, Chief of the CDC Travelers' Health Branch, will provide updates on travel alerts, travel guidance, and restrictions for travellers. COVID-19 risks associated with air, ship, train/bus travel will also be discusses along with any late-breaking updates. Drs. Dipti Patel and Lucille Blumberg will provide expert commentary as panelists with an international viewpoint.

  • Contains 1 Component(s)

    CISTM17 - Clinical Toxinology and Travel Medicine: a Jumanji Perspective

    Recreational visits into deep jungles, undersea adventures or sampling new culinary delights while exciting often bring with it trepidation for the travel medicine practitioner. From venomous land snakes to marine animals and poisonous edible delights, managing these can often be challenging for a general practitioner. This symposium will address burden of snakebites, types of snakes, envenoming syndromes, dosage of antivenom and recent advances in the first talk. During this symposium we will also address clinical recognition and management of percutaneous envenoming by culprits from the deep. Our last speaker will address the clinical picture and management issues from deadly gastronomic delight, which, if not recognized could prove fatal.

    David Warrell
    Mind the Crawling Menace: South-East Asia Venomous Land Snakes

    • Discuss common clinical manifestations of different snake bites.
    • Describe morbidity and mortality associated with snake bites.
    • Discuss controversies in emergency management of snake bites.

    Nuankanya Sathirapongsasuti
    Marine Toxinology: Terror from the Deep
    • Describe types of poisonous and venomous marine animals.
    • Discuss clinical manifestations of acute stings and/or bites.
    • Discuss management and prevention of acute stings and/or bites.

    Renjy Nelson
    Food Toxins: Deadly Asian Delicacies

    • Describe various food toxins encountered.
    • Discuss clinical manifestations of food toxins.
    • Discuss acute clinical management and prevention.