2024 24th CTH® Exam Application

2024 24th CTH® Exam Application

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The CTH® certificate recognizes professionals who have demonstrated expertise in the unique Body of Knowledge associated with travel medicine care and consultation.  

ISTM will offer its 24th Certificate of Knowledge™ in Travel Medicine as a virtual examination via the ProctorU live proctoring service via webcam. During the application process, applicants must select ONE day and time (in New York, EST,) to sit for the Exam.

Non-ISTM Members must create ISTM profiles to apply and register for this event. Click here to create your profile then submit your application through the member application link.

10 January 2024 marks the deadline for cancellation of your registration for the CTH exam with the opportunity to receive a refund, although it will be subject to a $75.00 non-refundable charge deduction. Should you choose to cancel after this date, a refund will not be possible. If you wish to defer the examination to a future date, kindly note that a new application submission and payment of the application fee will be required. 

The deadline to apply and register to take the exam is 16 January 2024.

When completing the exam application, please be prepared to select ONE specified date & time (New York, EDT, UTC-4):

1. Tuesday, 30 January 2024, 10:00 EST 

2. Wednesday, 31 January 2024, 4:00 EST 

3. Thursday, 1 February 2024, 22:00 EST 

Please note that there are 3 REQUIRED components to this exam application. You must complete all 3 components in order for your application to be considered:

1. Applicant Questionnaire 

2. Terms of Service (TOS) Acknowledgement

3. Photo Identification Upload

In order to use ProctorU for the CTH® Exam, you will need ALL of the items below: 

1. Download Guardian browser: Download the Guardian Secure Proctoring Browser | Meazure Learning – Ensuring a safe and secure testing experience.

2.  High-speed internet connection (hard-wired preferred)

3.  Webcam (internal or external) 

4.  Windows or Apple operating system

5.  Government issued photo ID

6.  Please register for ProctorU using the same email address you use for the exam application as it will simplify the tracking and grading process.

7.  Please ensure that the name on your ProctorU profile matches exactly with the name on your government-issued photo ID or passport.

8. For complete requirements, visit ProctorU: https://www.proctoru.com/live-...


1. For test-takers whose first language is not English, ProctorU has been instructed to allow test-takers to use Google translate services if necessary. (https://translate.google.com/)

2. You are allowed a short bio break between the four exam sections.

3. If you need special accommodations, please email learning@istm.org 

Handouts Available:

1. Candidate Bulletin

2. Exam Instructions

3. ProctorU Instructions

4. CTH® Mark Use Policy

Additional Information:

1. For those unable to take the CTH® online, an in-person Exam will be planned later in 2024.

2. Once your application has been reviewed and accepted, you will receive two emails: (1) You will receive an email from ISTM with your exam packet that includes complete instructions and (2) You will receive an email from ProctorU to complete your testing reservation and to test your equipment. Please do not wait until the day of the exam to test your equipment as technical issues could cause delays or cancellation of your exam and score. 

3. In effort to continually align with best practices, The 2024 24th ISTM Certificate of Knowledge Exam will be composed of 220 questions instead of the traditional 200 questions. The additional 20 items will be unscored and will not impact your exam score. These unscored items are embedded throughout the exam to assess their statistical characteristics and viability as future scored items.

3. Scoring: Please note that you will NOT receive a score immediately after taking the exam. Pass/Fail information will be emailed after the psychometricians have reviewed all of the completed exams. Please be patient as grading may take 8 to 10 weeks. In the interim, neither this system nor the ISTM Secretariat will have pass/fail information.


Applicant Questionnaire
12 Questions
12 Questions Please complete these questions to the best of your ability. Responses are required and will be verified. "Not applicable" answers will result in a rejected application.
TOS Acknowledgement
Agree to terms to continue.
Agree to terms to continue.
Photo Identification
Upload 1 files to pass.
Upload 1 files to pass. Please read the instructions and upload your photo identification.