2021 - Virtual Travel Medicine Review & Update Course

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Course Speakers

Chair: Elizabeth Talbot
Elizabeth Barnett
Lin Chen
David Hamer
Sarah Kohl
Sheila Mackell
Anne McCarthy
Nancy Piper-Jenks
Mary-Louise Scully
Henry Wu

International Panel on Malaria

Poh Lian Lim (Singapore)
Dipti Patel (United Kingdom)
Patricia Schlagenhauf (Switzerland)
Moderator:  Ed Ryan (United States)

International Panel on Vaccines

Jane Chiodini (United Kingdom)
Camilla Rothe (Germany)
Mike Starr (Australia)
Moderator:  Leo G. Visser (Netherlands)

Additional Commentators / Moderators

Francesco Castelli (Italy) 
Christina Coyle (United States) 
David Shlim (United States) 

Course Description

The Travel Medicine Review and Update Course is designed to review the ISTM Body of Knowledge for the Practice of Travel Medicine and to highlight recent developments in Travel Medicine. The curriculum will cover topics relevant to physicians, nurses, and other health care professionals who provide medical care and advice to travellers, expatriates, and migrants.

Sessions offered will include principles of immune response, risk assessment, and a travel vaccine overview. The expert faculty will present topics including adventure travel, bites and envenomation, cases, food and water exposures, ill returning travellers, risk assessment, malaria, special travellers, vaccines, and vectors. The care of special groups such as pregnant women, pediatric travellers, immigrants, VFR travellers, diabetics, and immunocompromised hosts will also be discussed. Recent developments and advances in travellers' diarrhea, immunizations, malaria medications, and emerging infectious diseases will be highlighted. Participants will have ample opportunity to interact with the faculty through interactive sessions and informal discussions.